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The Future Internet Video: Service Web 3.0

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With over a billion users, today's Internet is arguably the most successful human artifact ever created. The Future Internet, an initiative driven by the European Union, has become a prime research focus of STI International and the Service Web 3.0 project. In order to explain, promote, and attract new contributotrs, we created a video to be viewed by stakeholders, who may be non-experts, in a new generation Internet. The video outlines the basic themes of the European Union's Future Internet initiative. These include: an Internet of Services, where services are ubiquitous; an Internet of Things where in principle every physical object becomes an online addressable resource; a Mobile Internet where 24/7 seamless connectivity over multiple devices is the norm; and the need for semantics in order to meet the challenges presented by the dramatic increase in the scale of content and users.
The video has proved to be popular and has already appeared on the main pages of the EU Future Internet Portal and the Software and Services Unit website.
Please distribute this link in order to futher promote ambitious goals behind the vision of the Future Internet, supported by STI International and the Service Web 3.0 research project.


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